2020 Taoyuan City New Immigrant Friendly Award

2020 Excellence Management Quality Two-Star Award

2020 Chung Yuan Christian University Outstanding Alumni Award

Department of Industrial and System Engineering 79 levels / Master of Business Administration 91 levels
Steven Lin , chairman of Motiontech, determined to start his own business, his first choice-the Department of Industrial and System Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University. After graduation, he started from scratch, setting goals and gradually completing his dreams.
Steven has been serving as the chairman of the Department of Industrial and System Engineering for two consecutive terms, also actively promotes his seniors, and cooperates with Director Zhou Yongcan in industry-university cooperation, and plans the best layout and production line balance for industrial automation. He hopes to help his alma mater to cultivate more talents. . Furthermore, in addition to donating money back to the alma mater, many factory internship opportunities are also provided every year, so that younger siblings can experience the operation of the company’s factory practically and apply what they have learned.
In addition, he often returns to campus to share the difficulties in the workplace and the attitude of dealing with others at work, which is consistent with the philosophy of Chung Yuan Christian University to promote holistic education, and is a model for students to learn from!


2019 Model of Entreprenurs award

42th Model of entreprenurs award

Entrepreneurs award is to commend business operators for their outstanding deeds in creating careers, benefiting society, and creating economic prosperity, as a model for entrepreneurs who are aspiring to start a business; the Entrepreneurs award is the best support partners for successful entrepreneurs.  The establishment is mainly to commend the people behind this group for their assistance and dedication, it has achieved the glory of “model entrepreneurship”.

Motiontech adheres to the spirit of intensive cultivation and focuses on innovation. From the arduous early days of its establishment to 17 years later, this brand is well-known by international reputation. The result of past hard work was awarded the 42nd “Entrepreneurship Model and Entrepreneurship Support Award” in 2019.


2019 Top 100 MVP Managers

Organizational innovation: The pursuit of high efficiency is the goal of transformation and leanness, it’s the biggest driving force for the sustainable operation of an enterprise.

The annual selection of “Top 100 MVP Managers in Taiwan” organized by “Managers Monthly”, since the first session, upholding the principle of “Managers are the most powerful group of people to change society”, from organizations in various fields such as industry, government, academia, etc. To search the “most valuable player” who makes a key contribution to the effectiveness of the organization.

Steven Lin, chairman of Motiontech, applied his practical experience and management know-how into a company, and led the team through many years of challenges and difficulties, whether facing the global political or economic turmoil, the rise and fall of the industry, and the iterative update of technology. With his own position to give play to the spirit of “integrity, professionalism, innovation, responsibility”, to breakthrough self and organizational achievements,  to become the MVP of the team or organization.

2018 National Award of Outstanding SMEs

27th National Award of Outstanding SMEs

To respond to the needs of the new generation, counseling and serving the small and medium enterprises should strive to seek innovation and change, so the national awards for enterprises were created to promote the model enterprises, and to establish a model of outstanding enterprises through national publications. Diffusion of its’ successful experience.

With the core value of creating a small number of diversified, short delivery periods and consolidating market share, Motiontech won the 27th National Award of Outstanding SMEs in 2018.


2017 Rising Star award

20th Rising Star award

DC motor integration manufacturer-Motiontech won the 20th “Rising star award” in 2017.

The Rising star award is for the Enterprise Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan to commend the “business performance, production technology, financial management, talent cultivation, IT management, and social contribution” for encouraging them to use the domestic as the main business base, actively develop the international stage, and enter the international market. It is highly competitive and can be publicly praised as a model of domestic enterprises.


2014-2020 Dun & Bradstreet’s SME Elite Award

Won the Award for seven consecutive years

To commend the small and medium enterprises that lead Taiwan’s export engine and promote the trade exports of Taiwan, American businessman Dun & Bradstreet organized this event to encourage Taiwan to find an export formula for entering the global market!

Motiontech continues to contribute its strength and become one of the best enterprises for Taiwan’s economy, jointly promote trade and exports. Hence, Motiontech has won the “Deng & Bradstreet SME Elite Award” for seven consecutive years.


2013 11th Golden Torch Award

11th Golden Torch Award

Motiontech won the 11th Top Ten Companies “Golden Torch Award” in 2013, and it is highly recognized as a competitive and forward-looking company.

It is an important indicator for Taiwan’s business community, to enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises, assist in the discovery, recognition of domestic high-performance corporate leaders, not only for the top 100, but for the selection of forward-looking and malleable enterprises. The event encourages the enterprises to the social economy, and various companies also expand mutual cooperation opportunities through exchanges and interactions.

2013 The National Brand Yushan Award

10th The National Brand Yushan Award

Motiontech awarded the 10th “National Brand Yushan Award” in 2013 as an outstanding enterprise.

The National Brand Yushan Award is to encourage Taiwanese companies to work hard, strive to establish a national brand image, set a model for national companies, and select the most competitive outstanding companies, best products, best brands, and outstanding leaders to commend their excellence.

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