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We devoted to the design and production of high-precision motors for use in medical appliances, electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, as well as all kinds of elevators and transmission systems. The company and products are marketed in over 40 countries, and it boasts a vast network of offices in locations around the world including USA, Europe, Australia, South Korea, and India, etc. Our products include Brush DC Motor, Brushless DC Motor, BLDC driver, Servo Motor, Induction Motor and Reluctance motor control etc.

Ten years of MTM

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・Build the Sub-factory in Taoyuan.
・Wins the 6th Potential Taiwan Mittelstand Award.
・”Power Lift Module (PLM600)” wins the 30th Taiwan Excellence Awards.


・Apply for the registration and logo of MTM in Taiwan and China.
・Established the corporation aggregate”Canyang Assistive Technology Association of the Republic of China”.
・Spend NT$100 million to buy land and set up factories in Taiwan.
・Achieved the international TUV Rheinland certification and Dun & Bradstreet’s SME Elite Award (awarded for 6 consecutive years).
・Chairman Steven Lin awarded the Outstanding Alumni Award of Chung Yuan Christian University.
・Won the Taoyuan City New Immigrant Friendly Award.
・Won the Excellence Management Quality Two-Star Award.
・Passed the A+ integrated R&D plan “Small Electric Street Sweeper Development Plan”.
・Capital increase from surplus, increase to NT$ 187,660,000.


・Steven Lin was appointed as the chairman of the “Taiwan Medical Care Association”.
・Held the third employee sports meeting.
・Achieved the international TUV Rheinland certification and Dun & Bradstreet’s SME Elite Award (awarded for 6 consecutive years).

・Co-organized the 2nd Consensus Strategy Camp with JW consulting, the enterprise Management Office.
・Strengthen organizational operations, transformation and adjustment, establishment of the “Marketing Planning Department, Engineering Department, and System Department”.
・Awarded the 42th Model of Enterepreneurs awards.
・Capital increase from surplus, increase to NT$ 166,000,000.


・ERP in MTM Resource System was officially launched.
・International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 revision 2015 certification.

・Held the second employee sports meeting.
・Awarded the 27th national award of National Award of Outstanding SMEs.
・Co-organized the 1st Consensus Strategy Camp with JW consulting, the enterprise Management Office.

・Introduced the ERP process electronic system officially launched.
・Capital increase from surplus, increase to NT$ 160,000,000.


・Established the MTM branch in Wuxi, China.
・Completed the German Rhein Enterprise Operational Capability Certification.

・Held the first employee sports meeting.
・Awarded the 20th Rising Star Award.
・Establish and introduce of ERP process-oriented MTM resource planning system.

・Capital increased to NT$ 94,318,400.


・Developed servo motor (SV40) guided precision micro-mechanical arm by cooperate with Japan.

・Completed the 2015 version of ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certification by the International Organization for Standardization.

・Achieved the international TUV Rheinland certification and Dun & Bradstreet’s SME Elite Award (awarded for 3 consecutive years).


・Organize transformation, hire professional managers to lead the growth of the functions of various departments, develop servo motors (SV80), and deploy robotic arms and AGV unmanned vehicle markets.

・The surplus was transferred to capital increase, and it was rise to NT$ 74,560,000.


・Planning for company expansion.
・Research and develop high-efficiency AC motors to expand the high-end motor market.


・Awarded 11th Golden Torch and national brand Yushan award.
・Expand the brushless motor production line to cater orders from Italian.


・Complete the SVHC.
・Complete the ISO 14001.


・Investment drive factory-Trumman Technology Corp, occupies 20% of the shares.
・Started to develop high-power brushless motors (BL180 series) and cooperated with Japan for use in agricultural machinery.
・With the completed of new factory, the surplus was transferred to increase capital, and it increased to NT$ 56,800,000.


・Build the new factory to invest in the development of high-end products.


・The board of directors was re-elected and Steven Lin as the chairman.
・The Brush and Brushless Motor Division established officially.
・Brushless motors are used into consumer products, such as air-conditioning, high-end treadmills, sanitary ware and medical equipment.


・Developed brushless motors 104 and 130 series by cooperate with China Steel Corporation(CSC) and National Cheng Kung University.
・Develop a new type of direct drive reducer, and replace all the housing of reducer which sold by MTM before.
・The shareholders’ meeting decided to transfer the surplus to capital increase, and it increased to NT$ 27,200,000.

・Use ERP computerized management system In the fourth quarter.


・Our brushless motor passed the CE LVD and EMC tests, then awarded the certificate.
・Set up an office in Shanghai.
・Increase the self-made rate, purchase more production equipments.


・With the development and sales of brushless motors, reducers and drivers, MTM gains outstanding results.
・Establish global distribution bases, in Israel, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, India, Australia, Turkey etc…


・Develop the brushless motors 60 and 90 series with drivers, and established a R&D center.

・The board of directors was re-elected, and Zhang Shihong was re-elected as chairman.
・Applying the registration of Taiwan trademark of MTM.
・Application for registration of the trademark “Motion Tech Motor” in China.


・Integrate the manufacturing of reducer, launched gear motor transmission unit for wheelchair, develop the series of reducer transmission mechanism.
・Established an office in Shenzhen, China.


・Complete the ISO 9001: 2000 verification and was awarded the ISO certificate of conformity.
・Series have passed the CE/EMC/EN61000-6-3 safety test and awarded the CE certificate.
・Developed and launched the “electric wheelchair (four-pole) and DC motor for scooter”.

・Approve another millions NT$ of capital increase by shareholders’ meeting.


・Establishment of Motion Technology Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.
・Develop the “DC Motor for Electric Wheelchair” and went on the market, which was well received and affirmed by the client.
・To the expansion of the market share, the shareholders’ meeting approved the millions $NT of capital increase.

Corporate structure

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