2019 Automation Taipei

The annual Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition will be held on August 21 to 24, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall first Hall, 1st and 4th Floor, second Hall 4th Floor.

Motion Tech has been specializing in the development of DC brush and brushless motors for many years, and continuously provides people s with better total solutions in related motor products. It spares no effort in product technology, service efficiency, and stable quality. It pays attention to the development of a comprehensive integrated system and continue working towards the mission of pioneering industry; also actively participating in domestic and foreign exhibitions to make MTM products exposed around the world.
During three consecutive years, MTM released new high-voltage driver products last year and will present the application of motors in the development direction of “Environmental protection, Energy-saving, Automation” with four dynamic themes, which includes smart building, the applications of aquaculture and farming control, AGV power module and conveying drive …etc.
The site will display and explain the best product sets of MTM in dynamic and static displaying, and provide people with the best solutions. We’re looking forward to your visit.
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