The high speed brushless DC motor(BLDC) with motor driver can be easily applied to centrifuges to reduce the operating time. It’s also a reliable solution with a good value, which combines environmental protection, efficiency and high quality, and its duration of service is worthy of your trust. Application Products High Voltage BLDC Motor F02 Motor …

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Water Wheel

Motion Tech’s water wheel motor has a long service life with many years of experience, low power consumption and high efficiency, and is in line with the trend of energy saving and environmental protection so as to also save a lot of money for the aquaculture industry.

Stirring Machine

The high voltage brushless DC motor (BLDC) of Motion Tech Motor is well made with durable structure which conduce products with long life, low noise value, and servo-level functions such as speed control and torque control, which is not only energy-saving and efficient but also precise and reliable. It also can be applied to the …

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With high durability, low noise level, prevention of overheating and proper speed, it can grind extremely fine powder. The precise speed control technology and torque control protection mechanism of Motion Tech allows you to easily design a motor drive with excellent function and high efficiency. Application Products High Voltage BLDC Motor F02 Motor Driver or …

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Motion Tech’s powerful fan motor is not only used in the consumer fan market, but also in the high-temperature and harsh environment such as the cooling fan of a commercial smart oven, and it’s available in a wide ranger of voltage levels to meet the needs of various industries. Application Products Customized high speed BLDC …

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Automated Doors

The carefully selected high quality materials make up the precise, durable and stable operation of the Motion Tech Motor, which not only saves energy, but also resists high temperature and corrosion. Its torque control capability also provides a safe and cost-effective solution for automatic doors. The extremely low noise level and high efficiency of the …

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